About Our Seminars


The Selling HVAC in the Twenty-first Century Seminar

Imogen Corporation proudly presents Selling HVAC in the Twenty-first Century with sales-professional Dan Messerer. Combining over twenty years of in-home sales experience with recent advances in technology, Dan equips Contractors and Design Specialists with the knowledge and tools necessary to compete successfully in today's market.

Seminar topics include:
  • Revisiting the in-home sales presentation
  • Developing positive sales vocabulary and terminology
  • Profiling your customers and using it to your advantage
  • Taking advantage of the new technological tools available
  • Removing objections and increasing sales
  • Correctly conducting a Home Inspection and Energy Survey
  • Fine-tuning your understanding through "Question and Answer" time
  • Finalizing your presentation and gaining customer acceptance
  • Thanking your customers for their business
Seminar attendees will receive:
  • A training manual and accompanying training materials
  • A demo of Investment Master Suite (an in-home sales software package available only through Imogen Corporation)

All training materials presented are available in the training manual.

Seminar attendees will be given the opportunity to buy "The Appointment" video and the complete Investment Master Suite at a reduced investment.

To schedule a seminar, call Imogen's toll-free number at 1-800-988-2950, or email us at Imogencorp@attbi.com for further information.

An Advanced Sales Seminar and Marketing & Promotional Seminar are available upon request. Designed to enhance Selling HVAC in the Twenty-first Century, these two in-depth seminars cover strategies for Managing Difficult or Unusual Circumstances, Handling Customer Relations, Developing Phone Etiquette, Hiring the Right Personnel, Generating Leads, Setting and Scheduling Leads, and Following-up on Clients.

OST (On Site Training) with Dan Messerer

Learn trade secrets from the person who invented Investment Master!

Imogen offers in-depth private training with Dan Messerer for those interested in more individualized training programs. Dan is available to work one-on-one with your employees to help train them in the field, actually running leads with them and teaching them how to use Imogen software to their advantage. No other software company offers such a service! Call now for a customized training package (1-888-988-2950), or email us at Imogencorp@attbi.com for further information.